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Talking Bikes

From cycling data to optimal cycling routes and smart services

Cycling is healthy and good for the environment. In order to create optimal infrastructure and mobility solutions for cyclists, governments need insight into our cycling behaviour. In collaboration with Tracefy, Yunex Traffic helps municipalities and provinces to make the right choices by enriching bicycle and ride data into useful information.

Partly due to the rise of e-bikes and the Corona time, we cycle more than ever. In addition to public transport, the bicycle is a sustainable way to get from A to B quickly. More and more large cities are banning cars from their centers to reduce CO2 emissions and create space for pedestrians and cyclists. Provinces and municipalities are also investigating possibilities to expand their bicycle road network and at the same time increase the safety of cyclists. E-bikes, pedelecs, e-scooters and other small e-mobility vehicles generally drive much faster than a classic bicycle. Our cycle paths, which date from the 1970s, are not designed for this, which can lead to unsafe situations.

How can we expand existing cycle paths and make them safer and what is the best location for building new cycle routes? In the past, choices regarding these topics were often made on the basis of assumptions and bicycle counts at intersections. This sometimes led to sub-optimal solutions, including new bicycle routes that are hardly used. Fortunately, in addition to the number of cyclists, we can now also accurately map their speed and movements.

Speed ​​and displacement data of cyclists form a potential basis for policy makers to make objective choices regarding the construction and maintenance of infrastructure and the provision of intelligent services for cyclists. To do this, the data must first be converted into information using business intelligence tools. Yunex Traffic has developed the necessary solutions for this, so that data can be used, among other things, to give priority to cyclists in inner-city areas. Intelligent VRIs give way to arriving cyclists over cars or cyclists are informed by app when the traffic light turns green.

Within Talking Bikes, Yunex Traffic, as a provider of intelligent mobility solutions, joins forces with Tracefy to register bicycle rides for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (IenW). Talking Bikes is a derivative of the public-private partnership Talking Traffic on intelligent mobility. As partners, Yunex Traffic and Tracefy aim to digitally map approximately 5.6 million bicycle journeys within two years. IenW will use this information to develop smart mobility solutions for cyclists.

Tracefy supplies GPS trackers and fleet management software for small e-mobility vehicles. Home delivery services and providers of bicycle sharing concepts, among others, use this for their fleet management. The data from the trackers are made accessible and accessible via an online dashboard and/or app. In the context of Talking Bikes, Yunex Traffic processes the (anonymous) data generated by Tracefy into useful information for IenW. In the same way, Yunex Traffic and Tracefy also offer municipal and provincial governments insight into bicycle traffic within their specific region. This is how we work together on even more cycling fun in the Netherlands. And that also contributes to a cleaner environment and good health!

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