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Traffic Netherlands

Future-oriented mobility in the Netherlands

Yunex Traffic develops innovative systems and applications to make mobility safer, more efficient and more sustainable. As a subsidiary of Mundys, we are active worldwide with 3100 employees. Our 230 employees in the Netherlands have a passion for innovative and complex infrastructure projects.

We develop, realize and maintain IT platforms, automation solutions and other systems for bridges, tunnels, barriers, locks and roads and waterways. With the aim of increasing the quality of life, road safety and sustainability. By working together with our clients and partners and listening to each other’s interests, we make projects successful.

Mission, Vision, Core Values

Mission: As an infrastructure entrepreneur, we achieve a higher quality of life, better road safety and a more sustainable world with our technological solutions.

Vision: In a rapidly changing world, we want to be a reliable player that delivers the highest quality with motivated employees. We invest in new partnerships with our customers and partners. Due to the continuous development and renewal of our broad portfolio, we solve social challenges with digital technology.

Core Values: Safe, Sustainable, Reliable, Enterprising, Innovative.

Yunex Traffic, innovator for smart and safe infrastructure

Yunex Traffic is a leading player in the field of automation solutions and intelligent systems for bridges, tunnels, barriers, locks and roads and waterways. We operate in the Netherlands under the inspiring leadership of Managing Director Arjen Hartman and Managing Director Finance Mark Wolswijk.

People work

In a world in which (technological) developments follow each other in rapid succession, it is important that companies can adapt quickly and effectively to new trends, customer wishes and changing conditions. Especially in a dynamic market like infrastructure. “Under the banner of Yunex Traffic, we strive to further strengthen our leading market position in the field of innovative, intelligent and integrated mobility solutions from a strategic point of view,” Hartman explains. “A spearhead that is emphatically reflected in our mission, vision and core values. We want to act as a reliable, enterprising player that delivers the highest possible quality with a team of 230 specialists. We not only invest in innovative developments and the expansion of our portfolio, but also in strengthening our cooperation with customers and partners. With the ultimate goal of increasing the quality of life, road safety and sustainability. During every project we realize, regardless of its complexity.” Mark Wolswijk: “As experts in our field, we work together with customers on automation and digitization in the sector and we take on new challenges. We may be working with technology on a daily basis, but our profession is and will remain human work. In all perspectives.”

Introduction Mark Wolswijk Managing Director Finance Yunex Traffic B.V.

After completing his studies in Business Economics at the Hague University of Applied Sciences, Mark started his career at Siemens Nederland NV in 1998. He started as a financial manager of several internal departments, after which he transferred in 2000 to the Cranes department, where Mark was responsible for setting up of the Center of Competence’s global administration. As Buniness Unit Controller of the Energy Supply Department, Mark has been closely involved in the integration of 2 VAtech companies in the Netherlands since 2004. After broadening his knowledge as financially responsible for a Service & Panel Construction department within Siemens, Mark started in 2010 as Business Unit Controller of the ITS department within Mobility. At ITS he was at the basis of the transformation of the department into a successful automation project unit.

Introduction Arjen Hartman Managing Director Yunex Traffic B.V.

Arjen obtained his MBA from the European School of Management & Technology in Berlin after studying Industrial Engineering and Management at the University of Twente. In 2007 he joined the Mobility division and has been involved in bid and project management for infrastructure. From 2013 to 2016, he was employed at the Berlin headquarters as a bid manager for international metro projects in the Middle East and Asia. In 2016 he became responsible for the project department of ITS in the Netherlands and thereafter for the entire business unit.
Together, Arjen and Mark played a leading role in the split-off of the ITS department and shaped the company Yunex Traffic BV that emerged from this in 2021. They are now jointly responsible as Managing Director and Finance Director.
Working together in teams, creating a healthy company culture and growing people around him to achieve a better result are important core values ​​of Arjen and Mark.


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